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Yukinaga Ryu or Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai 雪長縛り道会  is a complete Shibari (縛り) and Kinbaku (緊縛) learning system developed by Yukinaga Max Sensei.

The system Yukinaga Ryu 雪長流 contains the learning from his two senseis:  Great GranMaster Yukimura Haruki 雪村春樹 and Osada Steve 長田スティーブ but also other Bakushis who made a great impact on him, such as Nawashi Kanna 縄師神凪 and Miura Takumi 神浦匠. Yukinaga is most attracted to the the old traditional way of the rope.

We have dojos in Copenhagen, Oslo and Barcelona. Each dojo has at least one highly skilled instructor certified by Yukinaga Max Sensei.


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Yukinaga Ryu
Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai - Shodo by Yukimura Haruki