WS2: Intensive Kinbaku workshop. Intermediate.

April 29th &  30th  2017

  • 8 hours.

  • 1 weekend.

  • Teaching:  Vic, Yukinaga Do instructor.

  • Fee: 120 €/couple.

  • Prerrequisites.



8 hours of intensive Japanese Shibari/Kinbaku. We will shortly go through basic elements to complete some part suspensions and intermediate ties. There will be demonstration and explanation on every technique.

Theory and lots of ties plus the elements in tying: flow, distance, sabaku, kime, speed, rhythm and a lot more. Communication skills used in the tie we have learned, and how to use ties and elements to build shibari katas.



  • Safety. Basic rules.

  • Materials.


  • Review on basics.

  • 2 & 3 rope Takatekote  (TK2, TK3)

  • Different versions on standard TK.

  • Suspension lines.

  • Kata ashi tsuri.

  • Part suspensions.


  • Review on basic elements and techniques.

  • Hobaku, ki harimasu, rythm, distance, etc

  • Use of time.

  • Two way communication.

  • How to adapt structures.


  • ​How to use ties and elements to build shibari katas.

All explanations include a brief backgrund on ties, risks and safety advice for models, technical insight and demonstration plus focus on the elements and communication skills in tying (sabaku, kime, speed, rhythm, ki-harimasu, etc).



​Program :

Saturday :

  • 9,30 h: doors open.

  • 10,00 - 12,00 h: Lesson

  • 15´ break.

  • 12,15 - 14:15 h: Lesson

  • 14,30 h: doors close.

Sunday :

  • 9,30 h: doors open.

  • 10,00 - 12,00 h: Lesson

  • 15´ break.

  • 12,15 - 14:15 h: Lesson

  • 14,30 h: doors close.


  • 17,00 - 22,00 h: Free practice at the dojo under supervision (Open Dojo).





* This is just a fast review on basics. Participants are supposed to have certain skills according to this WS perrequisites. If anyone is unable to complete in a satisfactory manner any of the basic requirements, specially regarding safety, we reserve the right no to let this participant attempt any suspension. Paricipants in such case can stay at the dojo and attend to the lesson as an spectator with no right to refund.


** Depending on available time, interest and skills of participants.




Rules & requirements:


  • It is not allowed to switch roles or change partners during the workshop.

  • This workshops has prerrequisites:

    • Basic skills & elements (tension, direction, sabaku, kime).

    • Basic ties on wrists, ankles, thigh, waist and hip. Single and double column ties.

    • Be able to complete a two rope takatekote (flow and speed).

    • All contents included in WS1.

  • Equipment:

    • At least 7 lenghts of rope (8 m), asanawa (jute or hemp), 6 mm.

    • 1/2 ropes for suspension line. We strongly recommend resistance certified ropes for this purpose.

    • Suspension ring (with or without swivel).

    • EMT shears.

    • At least one carabiner.

    • Tenugui or anyyhing that can be used as a gag & blindfold.

  • Dress code:

    • Barefoot.

    • No nudity.

    • Comfortable / sport clothes.

    • Japanese cloths (yukata/samue) appreciated but not mandatory.

  • See Dojo rules & etiquette.



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