Yukinaga Ryu . Shodo by Yukimura Haruk

Yukinaga Ryu or Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai 雪長縛り道会  is a complete Shibari (縛り) and Kinbaku (緊縛) learning system developed by Yukinaga Max Sensei.

The system Yukinaga Ryu 雪長流 contains the learning from his two senseis:  Great GranMaster Yukimura Haruki 雪村春樹 and Osada Steve 長田スティーブ but also other Bakushis who made a great impact on him, such as Nawashi Kanna 縄師神凪 and Miura Takumi 神浦匠. Yukinaga is most attracted to the the old traditional way of the rope.

We have dojos in Copenhagen, Oslo and Barcelona. Each dojo has at least one highly skilled instructor certified by Yukinaga Max Sensei.


More information about the system at  YukinagaDo.com.

Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai  (Yukinaga Do)


Yukinaga Max & Tina
Chief Instructor Yukinaga Do & Copenhagen Shibari Dojo

Max has since 1995, along with his wife Tina, had a great interest in the genuine Japanese Kinbaku. Due to studies, workshops and seminars throughout Europe and a growing immersion into the Japanese segmentt, they were presented with one of Japan's largest bakushier (Japanese Bakushi) Osada Steve 長田スティーブ. In the next five years Yukinaga acted as the Deshi for Osada Steve.

Max has two senseis: The now departed Great Grand Master Yukimura Haruki 雪村春樹 (1948-2016) and Osada Steve  長田スティーブ.

Over the years it developed into a deep friendship and a great mutual inspiration for all parties.  This has naturally led to studies in history, culture, Japanese language and not least a deep understanding of the people in and behind the Japanese Kinbaku enviroment.

The friendship with Osada Steve and Yukimura Haruki has lead them to Japan many times and lead to hundred of hours, training with not onley his two senseis, but alsoseveral of the major Japanese Bakushier, like Miura Takumi and Nawashi Kanna. The many hours of hard work and deep connection and dedication to the Sensei areprerequisites for being able to master and gain a full understanding of the ancient techniques.

Yukinaga is the Bakushi name that Max was assigned by his two sensei, for having achieved a great understanding and mastery of Kinbaku.





The first kanji in Yukinaga is the “Yuki” (雪) in Yukimura. As often is the case, kanji have more than one reading, i.e. Osada could also be read as Nagata. It is that “Naga”(長) which forms the second kanji in Yukinaga (雪長).

As Yukinaga Max carries on the tradition of Japanese bondage, making it available to shibari/kinbaku enthusiasts in Europe, his name aptly represents a combination of the names of his two sensei.


Haru Tatsu is the student name Tina received from Grat GrandMaster Yukimura Haruki in 2012. She is the first model to ever get a student name in recognition of her hard effort and dedication. 

Shodo "Haru Tatsu"  by Yukimura

Copenhagen Shibari Dojo Traning Hall

Yukinaga Max & Haru Tatsu Tina

Yukinaga Max Sensei

Shodo "Yukinaga" by Yukimura



Certified Instructor Barcelona Shibari Dojo

Interested in japanese bondage since 2006, from 2009 he started to study shibari seriously, becoming part of the local environment, traveling to events and workshops around Europe and receiving an uncountable amount of private lessons.

In 2012 he attends the Great Grand Master Yukimura Haruki 雪村春樹 workshop at Copenhagen Shibari Dojo where he meets Yukinaga and Tina. Their way of rope makes a deep impact on him. After being accepted as Yukinaga’s student spends the next years travelling to Copenhagen and following Osada Ryu, to finally focus on Yukinaga’s way, Yukinaga-Do 雪長縛り道.  In 2016 becomes a certified instructor in Yukinaga Do and opens Barcelona Shibari Dojo under supervision of Yukinaga Max and Tina.

His style is fast and full of energy, focusing on primal sensations more than aesthetics (caveman shibari), and minimising the role of third parties. Strong preference for  hojojutsu 捕縄術 and  semenawa 責め縄 .

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