The Dojo

Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai
Weekly training, workshops & private lessons.
Instructor: Vic.
Open at least 9 months a year.


Open at least three weeks per month, ten months a year, apart from weekly training for members we organise social events as well as our monthly "Open Dojo" activity, where people can sign up, come and use the dojo facilites for  training. We additionally offer workshops at different levels and also private tuition. Please check our website calendar for dates.


​​There is the opportunity to join at any time during the season, assuming one has been at an introduction to the dojo first.  We teach only couples (rigger and model). It is unfortunately not possible to come to class alone, and one can not be present in classes as a spectator. An exception is the introduction and open dojo events, where all who have signed up are welcome.

If you have not been to the dojo before, notify us at registration and we will send you directions. For everyone's well-being and safety the dojo also has it's own rules & etiquette document:


Barcelona Shibari Dojo is a Shibari / Kinbaku school  following the system Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai 雪長縛り道会.  Founded in June 2016, Barcelona Shibari Dojo is the latest addition to the Yukinaga Do family. The new dojo is spacious and comfortable, located in Barcelona city (10 minutes from the center by bus or metro).
Vic, founder of BSD is a highly graduated student of Yukinaga Max Sensei who has spent the last years committed to the practice and training of Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai 雪長縛り道会.


Dojo rules



Kinbaku is not a game, it may carry a high risk to physical integrity of individuals. Only certified instructors can offer tuition (advice, class, help on how-to). If You have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact them. This is not a peer rope. The dojo is not responsible for any recklessly or malpractice done without proper supervision.


Unless otherwise stated (i.e. open events), the access to the dojo is restricted to members and their guests. Either way it is mandatory to ask and get confirmation before coming. Unexpected visits will not enter. 


  • Leave your ego at the door.

  • No outdoors footwear or mobile phones inside the dojo.

  • A customary bow as you enter the dojo training hall and before you leave.

  • Treat your fellow students with respect, both inside and outside the dojo.

  • Avoid delays.

  • Be discreet.

  • Follow the instructions of the dojo staff.

  • Only participants of the event and staff can stay at the dojo.

  • Members, students and guests of the dojo must be at least 18 years old.

  • No smoking, no food, no alcohol inside the dojo training hall.

  • No drinking of alcohol prior to dojo sessions.

  • No changing partners or switching during tuition or training.

  • Suspensions are never done alone.

  • No pics or any other video/audio recording allowed without express permission.

  • No nudity, sexual or SM play

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