WS Series: 8 hours of intensive Japanese Shibari/Kinbaku.  Theory and a lot of ties plus the elements in tying: how to handle your rope, sabaku, kime, speed, rhythm and a lot more. Communication skills used in the ties we have learned, and how to use ties and elements to build shibari katas.


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Open Dojo - shibari training

Use of BSD facilites for shibari training. No classes, no teaching offered by BSD or by participants. Just free training. It is not a peer rope event. See dojo rules.

  • Open event. It is mandatory to book a place by e-mail ( ) and get confirmation before coming.





Weekly training

The weekly training is based on the team and the couples educational level and experience in Japanese Kinbaku.

Each level has its own training schedule. Based on the schedule, you will be taught and trained both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills.

This will ensure that the student is in continuous progress and fully understand the techniques – both the historical background and the contemporary use. All teachers at the dojo are certified instructors, highly graduated and have years of experience in shibari.

Private tuition

Receive "one to one" lessons from the dojo instructor. Receiving private tuition is is the  optimal way for you to learn Japanese Kinbaku with 100% focus on one student.

In the private lessons we quickly teach you proper techniques and eliminate bad habits and have the opportunity to see exactly what you need in your way to progress.

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